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October 21, 2013
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Flying lessons by TheNecroBalam Flying lessons by TheNecroBalam
Seems like Dashie is training the new princess for get used to her new wings! xD

MLP FIM (C) Hasbro
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i feel like dash pushed twi off of a cloud (explaining her look of absolute fear) and dash pushed so hard that she is hanging on to a cloud using her left fore-hoof just to look badass....

i dont think thats whats actually happening in the image but this is playing out really funnily in my head so whatever. nice art, btw.
finally!! someone who plays worst than Scootaloo!
Dragonking17 Nov 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
way past awesome. 
I'd love to see Twilight BEAT Dashie in a race :D
Neko-me Oct 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Amazing! O.o
Twilight has the best expression. :)
I Realy Love To Fly High In The Sky Like Raibow Dash Love 
RD: Come on Twi... we don't have all day....
Twi: Ahhh... Rainbow, wait.... I can't fly fast as you..
FS: Oh! Be careful Twilight...
RD:Don't worry Fluttershy. She is in good hooves...
Twi: I told you wait.... *breathes* I never been this high before....
RD: That's the idea! Once you see all the beauties you can see from this high, you'll want to keep trying coming back here.
Twi: That's.... ummmm... an interesting point of view.... You're coming Fluttershy?
FS: I..... I don't want to go this high... I"m getting scared...
RD: Fluttershy.... Twilight need your help too. Can you fight your fear this once for helping her?
FS: Oh! Ummmm..... I...I.... *sigh* You are right Rainbow Dash.... I'm coming Twilight....
Fluttershy flown by side of Twilight, which both followed Rainbow Dash who was sitted on a big cloud. Both sit on the cloud by Dashie who was staring at her.
RD: What took you so long?
Twilight glared at Rainbow while Fluttershy felt embarassed.
RD: Now... look at this view!
Twilight's mouth fell when she looked at the panorama that was in front of her eyes.
RD: Awesome, uh?
Twi: Yeah! It's so beautiful from here...
RD: Now, imagine what we'll see from there.
Rainbow Dash pointed with a hoof a much higher cloud in the sky above them.
Twi: What?
Fluttershy: That...that high? Oh my...
RD: Come on girls.... the lesson just began...
Twi: But my wings hurt.... and I'm already tired...
RD: What? We just flew ten minutes...
Twi: I was able to fly only 10 seconds, remember?
RD: That's the idea! The more you fly, the stronger you become and the better you are at flying...
FS: Hummm... We better take this slow Rainbow Dash....
RD: What?
FS: If... if Twilight go too fast.... she might hurt herself... and it could take more time before she could fly...
Twi: Fluttershy is right. I just got these.
RD: Arght! Okay. We take a pause of ten minutes before going to the next cloud..... sounds good?
Twi: Yes.
FS: If... if you want to...

Can't wait for that episode. Wonderful artwork piece you drawn
YenTzuLin Oct 23, 2013  Student Digital Artist
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